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What makes UCMAS different from other educational franchises?

What makes UCMAS different from other educational franchises?

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Entrepreneurship is on the rise and the franchise model is becoming a popular gateway to its entry. Along with benefits like risk mitigation, low investment and higher returns, owning a franchise offers a wonderful opportunity to beginners as well as experienced professionals to make their mark in the business world.

One such opportunity presents itself in the form of an education franchise. Education is an ever-growing sector and the demand for quality education is multiplying exponentially every year, especially early age education. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau’s finding state that the market for child education franchise comprises of 74 million students. With such a huge market and low investment, UCMAS offers a tremendous opportunity to entrepreneurs for starting an affordable franchise with a great ROI.

Why you should own a UCMAS franchise?

UCMAS is the global leader in mental math and abacus education. Franchising with us will enable you to join the ranks of globally recognized brands. Unlike other education franchise systems, we have limited competition, low operating expenses, full or part-time opportunities, and a proven business model to maximize your revenue potential. But how do you ensure that a UCMAS franchise works? Here’s what differentiates us from the rest.

  • Owning a UCMAS Franchise provides a major benefit of being associated with a global brand that has a presence across 80+ countries. “We have more than 6600+ centres spread from Singapore to USA which are easily recognizable by people all over the world and we guide each and every one of them to realize their full potential.”, says Megha Karia, CEO of UCMAS USA.
  • One of our differentiating factors is the consistency of UCMAS program’s quality in teaching abacus and mental math. You will get a curriculum which is based on a scientifically proven methodology and which is followed globally. You will receive proper training and commitment from UCMAS to support you in your business endeavors.
  • UCMAS not only provides you with an affordable franchise opportunity; it offers a chance to develop the community you live in. There are countless children in every locality who are deprived of quality education. With a UCMAS franchise, you can enable those children to develop skills for lifelong success at a lower cost and contribute to uplifting the status of the society.

The education sector is booming, and the right time to take advantage of it is now. By joining hands with a global education franchise system, you can be sure to reap the benefits of this growing industry. UCMAS makes you stand out in the noisy business world and become part of a cause greater than yourself. For more info., visit: