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Four Fabulous Reasons to Own Education Franchise | UCMAS USA

There are several reasons why employees say goodbye to their jobs and look to go independent in their professional lives....
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Child Development

Why kids need teachers during these uncertain times? – UCMAS USA

In this time of crisis, when all the schools are closed for an uncertain time, when everyone is unsure about...
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Is your child into the right abacus program?

  Choosing after-school activities for your child is difficult. Not only is it important that the activity should be a...
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Child Development

Learning Activities for Kids Staying Indoors due to Coronavirus | UCMAS USA

Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by WHO. Schools, malls, stadiums, and public gathering places remain close in many...
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Child Development

How can UCMAS give your child a competitive edge?

Abacus math programs are known to sharpen mathematical skills of children, and make them keen observers, develop the desire for...
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Child Development

Can Abacus Training Help Your Child Ace in School? | UCMAS USA

Abacus is a device that helps in math calculations. It consists of beads that can be moved up and down...
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