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Learning Abacus Makes A Child An Outstanding student. Here’s how!

Learning Abacus Makes A Child An Outstanding student. Here’s how!

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Many parents think that learning Abacus is redundant in this modern age, when children have ready access to solve math problems through calculators and computers. However, learning Abacus for kids
goes well beyond math and numbers.

It has been proven several pieces of research that children who learn Abacus have much higher IQ levels than other children. So, what makes it really beneficial for children to learn Abacus in this modern age? Why are child development programs focusing on Abacus in this digital era? Here are some important reasons.

No Distraction from Studies or Other Activities

  • The diminishing attention span of children is a big worry among parents. Phone Notifications and access to gadgets are easy distractions from performing a particular activity.
  • Learning Abacus for kids is one great way to increase a child’s concentration in any given activity.
  • While learning Abacus, children go under a rigorous practice wherein they have to really focus hard to solve math calculations within a particular time. Activities like speed writing, dictation & flashcards are used, and children have to see/hear numbers, move fingers quickly on Abacus beads and solve the calculations.
  • Such regular practice with Abacus child development program has been proven to increase a child’s ability to focus on studies as well as extra-curricular activities.

Improves Creative & Innovative Thinking

  • Our brain is divided into two parts. The left side of the brain, which is connected with the right hand, is responsible for the logical and analytical skills of an individual; and the right side of the brain, which is connected with the left hand, is responsible for creative and innovative thinking.
  • While practicing with Abacus, children touch the beads present on the Abacus. When they swiftly move their fingers on Abacus beads, the acupoints on fingers activate different parts of the brain, including the right side.
  • During the early years of growth when the brain is in the development phase, such Abacus practice activates the right side of the brain, leading to the development of creative and innovative thinking in a child.

Enhances Learning Capabilities

  • Some children are better visual learners (learn by observing), some are auditory learners (learn by listening) and some are tactile learners (learn by touching and exploring by hands).
  • Abacus training incorporates several activities that demand a student to observe carefully, listen sharply, and touch Abacus beads quickly.
  • This develops a child’s all-round learning capabilities and make them better and quick learners.Better learning leads to a better understanding of concepts, which ultimately translates into better performance in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Exceptional Math Skills are Developed

  • Abacus math programs for kids makes a drastic improvement in a child’s ability to do math. They sometimes even surpass the math skills of their teachers in the school.
  • These math skills are not just limited to numbers and equations. It further improves the critical thinking, logic, and analytical capabilities of a child.
  • Success in math is reflected in other subjects and Abacus student starts excelling in overall academics. This also improves self-confidence levels.

If you’re a parent and looking to improve your child’s learning capabilities, concentration, and overall brain power, then UCMAS math programs for kids can be a great way to achieve that.

UCMAS is the World’s leading Abacus-based mental math program for children aged 5-13 years. The program has been designed by child development program experts and has successfully trained more
than 3 million+ children globally. Online Classes are available. Get in touch with us to explore more details about our Abacus for kids program.

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