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Has your child been struggling with math? Abacus Math training can help

Has your child been struggling with math? Abacus Math training can help

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Math has always posed problems for kids in the United States. Children get anxious of studying math at an early age which accompanies them in school & college. Even the National Center for Education (NCE) agrees to that. In 2017, an NCE survey found out that only 8 percent of 4th graders performed Mathematics at an Advanced level and only 10 percent of 8th graders achieved that mark.

It became evident to parents all over the country that their children were struggling with Math, sometimes even with basic calculations. To improve this situation, abacus math programs for kids like UCMAS took charge for placing the country’s children back to the top in Mathematics.

How does Abacus Math help your child in excelling at Math?

Abacus is an ancient mathematical tool that has been around for nearly 2000 years. Some imply to it as an “ancient calculator”, because of its ability to help in computing calculations quickly.

Abacus math training enables children to understand math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplications, squaring, and others through Abacus beads. It engages them through different learning style and activates both the sides of the brain. Abacus math program for kids not only makes children mathematically skilled but leads to their holistic development and inspire them to become better at math and other subjects.

  • The Abacus training program starts with tactile learning in which children learn to use 6-fingers on the Abacus. It activates different acupoints on the fingertips which improves their physical health & enhances cognitive skills.
  • At later stages, Abacus math gradually moves from tactile to visual & kinesthetic training in which children visualize the abacus beads. They learn to make complex calculations in their brains eliminating any fear of math they had and becoming comfortable with numbers.
  • Since young children aged 4-13 have malleable brains, they learn math 60% better than adults. The Abacus math program for kids focuses on teaching math in a fun & playful way which develops their interest in the subject and encourages them for regular practice.

Along with achieving proficiency in math, Abacus for kids also develops cognitive skills like concentration, memory, self-confidence, problem-solving and offers benefits that go beyond math.

Math as a subject scare most children. However, if it’s taught in a way that makes learning an effortless & enjoyable task, children will be able to grasp it better, excel in it and who knows, eventually, they will willingly create a career around it. UCMAS is a globally leading abacus math program for kids aged 4-13 years that develops proficiency in math and offer cognitive benefits that make children lifelong learners. Register your children today and see them discover the mathematical genius within.