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How to Make Your Child a Better Learner? | UCMAS USA

How to Make Your Child a Better Learner? | UCMAS USA

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Globally recognized and scientifically proven, our mental math program for kids comes with an advantage; we teach students in small batches rather than full-sized classes in afterschool programs across the US. Our mental math program utilizes abacus tool for training children in mathematical concepts, enhancing their calculation skills, and developing logical thinking. Our program is specifically targeted at children between the ages of 5-13 years. This is a perfect age group where learning skills are in the formative stage.

Developed by child development experts, our mental math program for kids uses the latest pedagogical techniques to impart education and mathematical temperament among children. Our methods are backed by years of experience with children, and developed with a deep understanding of education of a specialized nature.

Our mental math program ensures holistic development of all the three dominant learning styles of children – Kinaesthetic, Auditory, and Visual learning styles. Every child is unique in his/her approach to learning. Our program not only deals with their method of learning, but we also help in developing their other styles of learning too, to make them wholly aware of their cognitive capabilities.

Kinaesthetic Learning Style

Kinaesthetic is all about the sense of touch and physical sensation. Our program focuses on the physical use of abacus for representing and calculating numbers. Children touch the Abacus beads and stimulate various acupoints on the fingertips, enhancing their sense of tactile learning.

Auditory Learning Style

Some children are adept listeners and can learn mathematical concepts through hearing.For such children, we have special modules where listening and writing jumbled dictations help them. This strengthens their auditory style of learning.

Visual Learning Style

For those adept in visual learning, we conduct various activities with flashcards, which are bead representation of numbers. These activities help children enhance their visual learning style. Regular practice ensures children develop better visual learning style.

At UCMAS, we use the Abacus tool and mental math as a base to enhance cognitive and mental skills in understanding numbers, preparing children for a tomorrow. Developing math skills at an earlier age gives them an edge they need to stand out from the rest.