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How can UCMAS give your child a competitive edge?

How can UCMAS give your child a competitive edge?

UCMAS Abacus math program for kids can give your child a competitive edge. Visit your nearest UCMAS Centre – Abacus based Child Development Program.

Abacus math programs are known to sharpen mathematical skills of children, and make them keen observers, develop the desire for life-long learning and contribute to the whole brain development. UCMAS Abacus child development program, led by experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainers, also enhances the competitive spirit of children.

UCMAS Abacus Math program for kids is a preferred choice of parents today because it has the potential to make child competitive. Here is how this transformation takes place:

Flash cards activity increases attention:

UCMAS Abacus math programs for kids involve flash card activities. Flash card is a simple yet powerful activity which helps children to learn Mathematical concepts with speed and accuracy. Flash cards present children with the visual memory of numbers that stimulates their attention power.

This activity undoubtedly strengthens visualization skills; students perform larger calculations rapidly and easily. A smart child with sharp concentration, great memory power and amazing visualization skills is bound to perform well in any competition and not just academics.

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Children become better learners & performers:

Top performers are those students who master their learning ability and execution skills. UCMAS Abacus Math program is widely appreciated by parents and child development experts because it is effective in helping children master their math skills.

The program revolves around the idea of consistent development of skills, knowledge and techniques. A child who learns and works on the concept of self-discipline, creativity and concentration, will tackle each phase of his life confidently and successfully. Better learners are bound to be better performers in any competitive arena.

Children develop a positive attitude:

A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes. Advanced level of mathematical concepts is taught in a flawless manner by UCMAS Abacus trainers. Students become proficient at math and develop a great level of confidence; a confident child works on developing fundamental learning skills is essential to succeed in school and other avenues of life.

Several Competitions are organized:

UCMAS child development programs also emphasize on the importance of participation in various competitions. Competition is good; it makes children better performers by bringing out the best in them. Different types of competitions organized by UCMAS help to develop competitiveness spirit in children.

When children compete with each other, they become more curious, learn to work with others and strive to do more than required. This process also helps them to identify their mistakes and improve as performers.

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Still thinking about improving your child’s competitiveness? Register in UCMAS and bring the best out of your child!

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