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Franchise Webinar

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    Join us for the UCMAS Franchise Webinar

    • Has the thought of starting your own business crossed your mind?
    • Did this Covid-19 pandemic affect your professional growth?
    • Is there an uncertainty looming around your job security?
    • Has there been a significant pay cut in your monthly wage?
    • Are your increments deferred for an indefinite period?
    • Are new companies offering you very low starting salary package?

    If this economic crisis has shaken up your professional career, it’s time to delve deep and think of going independent. One has to be smart, selective and critical of making any business decision as it can have long-term impacts. One of the proven ways that has helped people counter slowdown is owning a franchise business. And that’s what we’ll be talking about in the UCMAS Franchise webinar

    Webinar Speakers

    Anand Karia

    President, UCMAS Canada & USA
    25+ Years of Experience in Franchise Business

    Nitin Sawant

    Vice President – Franchising, UCMAS Canada & USA
    15+ Years of Experience in Franchise Business

    Krishna Kumar

    Area Representative, UCMAS USA


    Webinar Agenda

    Interact with UCMAS Franchise Experts and know more about

    • UCMAS Program
    • Business Model
    • Investments Needed
    • ROI Structure & Plan
    • Training & Support
    • Exciting Offers

    Special Attraction: Introductory Offer on 4 Unique Education Program Franchises