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A Handy Checklist for Shortlisting Abacus Math Program | UCMAS USA
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A Handy Checklist for Shortlisting Abacus Math Program | UCMAS USA
A good after school program converts aimless hours after school into the most productive time involving fun and learning. Well-designed after school programs based on Abacus maths, robotics, etc. are viewed as more valuable options than playing games on mobile...
Posted in: Mathematics
Math may not be scare your child anymore! Here’s how…
Halloween is just around the corner. Children dressed in spooky clothes will move in the neighborhood asking for Trick or Treat. While children try and scare with us their monstrous avatars, as a parent, we should know what scares them...
Posted in: Mathematics
Has your child been struggling with math? Abacus Math training can help
Math has always posed problems for kids in the United States. Children get anxious of studying math at an early age which accompanies them in school & college. Even the National Center for Education (NCE) agrees to that. In 2017,...
Posted in: Mathematics
Light up the math-o-lantern & shoo away the math fear
Halloween is just around the corner. Children are all psyched up for trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. Traditional activities, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, corn mazes & the autumn festival excite & prepare children to face every fear they encounter in life....
Posted in: Mathematics
Ways to bid adieu to Mathematics’ fear
Most of us dread hearing or come across anything that is related to math or numbers, and so do children. But whether you like it or not, mathematics is omnipresent and utterly significant. From our everyday lives to scientific and...
Posted in: Mathematics