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Can Abacus Training Help Your Child Ace in School? | UCMAS USA

Can Abacus Training Help Your Child Ace in School? | UCMAS USA

UCMAS Abacus math program for kids is a popular and proven child development program for success in school. Visit UCMAS after school programs near you.

Abacus is a device that helps in math calculations. It consists of beads that can be moved up and down on strings. Beads can be manipulated with the fingers. Benefits of the UCMAS Abacus Math programs for kids go beyond Mathematics. The program is designed to stimulate the brain’s function, develop life-long skills and also help children to succeed in academics. Here’s how this transition takes place.

Math Skills:

UCMAS Abacus child development program makes Math learning process effortless and enjoyable. Using this tool, children start developing the ability to visualize and quickly perform large calculations. During this course of time, children start loving Math subject; at the same time, they learn how to manage their time while solving a long series of sums.

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Competitive Spirit:

UCMAS Abacus program also encourages students to participate in various competitions and exams; this move helps students to develop a competitive spirit and also learn time management skills. Thus, the Abacus program not only encourages children to master Math skills but its long-term outcomes positively affect academic performance.


Self-control is an essential component that forms a part of the route to success in academics and beyond. Starting Abacus program at an early age, the formative age, will help your child to develop self-discipline.

On the contrary, if a child is exposed to a loosely carved schedule that requires him or her to attend conventional academic sessions, undesirable habits may be formed and it will be extremely difficult to make transition afterwards. Parents do not need to make a lot of effort to encourage self-disciplined children for study. Children themselves take charge of it.


One of the biggest factors responsible for children’s failure in Mathematics is their fear. When fear creeps in, children naturally start thinking that they will not be able to solve Math problems. Abacus is a well-designed and proven process established by child development experts.

It makes the process of mastering Math skills spontaneous. Children strengthen their knowledge with the right and the left brain highly activated, practice difficult exercises and manage to solve Math problems more confidently. These children show a similar spirit when they experience problems while completing school work.


When knowledge is gained after days of hard work and commitment through a successful communication cycle, children begin developing a great level of confidence because they know how to go about it. Advanced level of Mathematical concepts is taught in a flawless manner by UCMAS Abacus trainers. A child gains an immense level of confidence which gets reflected in his or her treatment of other subjects as well.


Abacus after school program is a healthy brain stimulant. It promotes the use of both the left and the right brain. Abacus sessions require children to keenly observe the process demonstrated by instructors; possibilities of distractions fade away. The result is better memory, concentration and creativity.

Love for lifelong learning: 

During the initial years of life when children’s brain development is at its best, they must be exposed to the learning environment that interests them, engages them and amuses them even if the subject is too difficult. Collective efforts made by UCMAS and parents do not allow anxiety and fear to dominate children’s thought processes. The result is a life-long love for learning.

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UCMAS after school program equips children with Math skills that improve overall academic grades. It also helps children to develop lifelong skills. Graduation ceremony, competitions at state, national & international level, grading exams and several other events are organized to ensure that a child receives great exposure and holistic development opportunities.

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