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An Introduction to UCMAS Education Franchise

An Introduction to UCMAS Education Franchise

UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System) is a globally established mental math program for children aged 5-13 years. At UCMAS, we use the tried and tested tool – the Abacus for improving math skills and brain capabilities of children. Developed by experts after years of research, we have opened up countless centers across the US, Canada, andbeyond.

The Foundation

UCMAS is a brain child of Prof. Dr. Dino Wong,Founder & President – UCMAS International Headquarters. He started the program in Malaysia in 1993, and it soon became popular in South Asian countries and then across the globe. Today, the program stands tall in more than 80 countries and has successfully trained more than 3 million children worldwide.

Learning Styles

At the UCMAS child development program, we believe that each child is unique in his/her being and may require a different approach to developing and grasping concepts. That’s why we focus on developing all major learning styles in children, which include Visual learning, auditory learning, and kinaesthetic learning. Our child development program curriculum is meticulously designed and planned so that every child gets exposure to different learning patterns.

For Franchise Owners

Our education franchise model is developed with a pre-understanding of what comprises an ideal classroom environment and class strength. A class batch of 25-30 students is the maximum any effective schooling system ought to have. But since there are limitations of cost, it is not feasible in any sense.

However, we provide flexible options for franchise business partners to run our approved programs in batch sizes of their choosing. What is important for us is the quality of teachers and the ambiance provided. Afterschool math programs should never be a chore but a place of fun, substituting learning by syllabi with improvisational methods, each tailored to a specific child.

Our education franchiseenables every individual to choose their location, allowing their children to flower at their best and developing the right rational and logical skills. At UCMAS, we ensure standardization which is flexible for every franchise owner to choose their location and their comfort with which they can contribute to their local communities in an effective manner they see fit.

Know more about UCMAS education franchise opportunities here: Call: (416) 450-4107 for more information.