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Abacus Math Training ensures Impressive Personality of a child. Here’s how!
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Abacus Math Training ensures Impressive Personality of a child. Here’s how!

UCMAS Abacus mental math program for kids are known to improve a child’s personality.

Early years of childhood undoubtedly form the basis of personality, social behavior, intelligence, and ability to learn as well. If support, nurturance, and quality education are provided during those early years, a child’s development process is escalated.

The first five years of any child’s life shapes his or her health, growth, learning, and development at school and life in general. Research has revealed that children who receive educational opportunities during critical age through various child development programs are more successful. These opportunities build the foundation for how children view to learn and respond to situations throughout their lives.

Abacus Mental Math and the Brain:

The brain consists of the right and left hemispheres. The left hemisphere deals with logical thinking, while the right one is responsible for imagination, visualization, and creativity skills. The right side of the brain hardly gets stimulated, contrary to the left side, which is stimulated while learning regular subjects at school.

In several Abacus Math programs for kids, children are trained to use both their hands while calculating using the beads. It further helps in stimulating both sides of the brain. Recent studies have revealed that the Abacus learning of mental calculation plays a significant role in activating the whole brain of a child.

Thus, Abacus-trained children, along with developed left side, have an activated right side of the brain as well, which ensures better creativity, imagination, emotional intelligence, and intuitive skills.

As children progress in their Abacus Mental Math training, they start visualizing the Abacus in their minds. They solve complex math problems without any physical Abacus. It helps in developing their imagination and observation power.

As the mental math practice continues, children become more keen to observe things; their minds start working rapidly by visualizing the outcome to find correct answers to the problems posed to them.

Tender-aged children can spontaneously solve Math calculations and also tackle other subjects at school more confidently. Thus, the Abacus Maths program strengthens not only Mathematical concepts but also develops powerful concentration, memory, critical thinking, observation, creativity, and visualization skills in children.

With such enhanced skills, a child develops a stronger personality and deals with situations more confidently. Their self-esteem is high and are more successful than kids of their age and grade.

UCMAS is the World’s leading and most trusted Abacus-math program that focuses on the holistic brain development of a child while strengthening their math skills. To get a free trial class of UCMAS, call: 1877-UCMAS-90 or visit: