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Discover all the amazing benefits of this trending math program for kids

Abacus was discovered in 3000BC, the time when great things were built and created. People had no means to measure or calculate things during those times, but the things that were constructed back then are intact even today. Abacus played an important role in those times. It was the only mathematical tool available for them and using that, they did great things.

Ithas only been close to 4 centuries now since the calculators were invented, and people have forgotten all about Abacus and how it is a much more reliable and efficient tool than a calculator can ever be. Sure, calculators are easy and quick, but then so is an abacus. Also, a calculator would never teach you how to calculate mentally, but an abacus would surely do!

UCMAS is a math program for kids that uses this very ancient mathematical tool- Abacus for kids to stimulate children’s cognitive thinking and makes their brain sharper and quicker.


You might be wondering what’s so wrong in using a calculator especially when it has been made to make your lives easy, and you won’t be wrong. But, using a calculator especially in a child’s early years, makes them rely heavily on those devices, and makes them incapable in performing even simple calculations on their own.

We are all aware of how ‘Math’ is an important aspect and subject of children’s lives. No matter which field your child choses to go in after they grow up, Math is always going to remain an integral part of every field. There’s math even in art! And considering how important math is for kids, Abacus Maths makes it easier for children to develop an interest in math right in their young age.

Be honest with us, wouldn’t you like your child not to whip out calculator for every single math problem asked? Us too! This is why our math program for kids is especially designed to make children self-sufficient so they never have to rely on anything in the future, not even abacus!


In UCMAS, your child would be taught how to use an abacus in the beginning and once when they have perfected their abacus skills, they’ll be taught to imagine the same abacus they would perform on, in their mind, and imagine how the beads would move to get the correct answers.

Having said that, learning abacus is not a one day or even a month thing, it takes time just like all the good things in life. But, we can promise you, once your child comes out of UCMAS program, you’ll notice a significant change in them. A change that will make them do wonders in their lives!

So, next time if you or anyone you know asks for a good program for kids, you know what the answer is! Its UCMAS Mental Math program!