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A Handy Checklist for Shortlisting Abacus Math Program | UCMAS USA
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A Handy Checklist for Shortlisting Abacus Math Program | UCMAS USA

Checklist for shortlisting Abacus Maths program for kids

A good after school program converts aimless hours after school into the most productive time involving fun and learning. Well-designed after school programs based on Abacus maths, robotics, etc. are viewed as more valuable options than playing games on mobile phones and watching television. Such programs help children in different ways.

First of all, children remain safe in a structured environment. Moreover, after school programs like mental math contribute to the improvement in academic performance. Besides, they develop social skills in children.

Abacus for kids do more than helping them to improve their Math grades. The result of a well-designed Abacus maths program is improved concentration, creativity and memory. The program contributes to the process of whole brain development in children.

But how do you determine which mental math program is best for your child? Bringing a small yet enlightening checklist may help you!

Healthy & Safe Environment 

A training center for children should provide a healthy and safe environment. The entire center should have all the basic facilities, proper lighting, air circulation and adequate measures to handle emergencies.

From Attention to Higher Order Learning

Don’t you think Abacus maths sessions involving experienced, energetic and dedicated instructors who present children with a dynamically evolving learning environment, will truly work? They certainly will!

From attention to details, their connection with prior knowledge, learning new concepts, processing information, to entering into the channel of higher-order thinking, the entire process revolves around many steps. Instructors and assisting staff need to streamline the entire learning process much to the comfort of a child.

Academic, Cognitive & Social Development 

The reason why any parent must consider enrolling his or her child for the Abacus for kids program is its ability to contribute to holistic brain development.

Each Abacus mental math program revolves around one subject; however, influence goes beyond the subject knowledge. Abacus mental Math program stimulates the left and the right brain of a child. Apart from making children proficient at solving Math problems, the program must channel other faculties such as concentration, visualization, creativity, and memory power.

Abacus mental math program that promotes whole brain development and also, establishes core skills that trigger greater confidence and success in all areas of life, is something you must gift your child this year. If truth be told, children have their own strengths; some are developed naturally while others need to be discovered by such programs.

Events and Competitions 

This is the platform that stimulates the entire knowledge and various skills which a child has been developing. Parents should make sure that their children are given essential opportunities to participate in various events, competitions and discourses so that they can receive a great level of motivation and appreciation while improving their confidence level.

UCMAS USA equips children with Math skills that improve overall academic grades; it also helps children to develop lifelong skills. Graduation ceremony, competitions at state, national & international level, grading exams and several other events are organized to ensure that a child receives great exposure and holistic development opportunities.

Visit your nearest UCMAS centre and explore more details about our Abacus for kids program.

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