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I can see eagerness in my son to find out how to solve more complex sums since joining the UCMAS program. I believe that the ability to solve problems with speed and accuracy is key to improving skills - not only academic - in music and sports too!

Jyoti Iyengar, Brampton, ON

I wanted to extend my appreciation to you for mentoring my kids. Since joining UCMAS, there is definite improvement in their ability to handle numbers. Also, i like how you understand my kids' individuality and help them build confidence.

Sonia Kumar, Brampton ON

Our daughter has been attending this outstanding program for the last one and a half years. She has built comfort, speed, accuracy and confidence with big and small numbers. She uses all mixed operational signs in a jiffy and leaves her teachers and classmates in complete awe.

Dorothy D’Souza, Mississauga, ON
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