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Training Methods
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UC Training Methods

Training is an essential requirement for the progress and development of the employee, employer and the success of the company as a whole. To update and improve the basic skills in order to suit the dynamics of a job, an employee needs to undergo training from time to time.

UCMAS is a technical program and it’s important that the faculties are trained on the techniques and groomed on the classroom management skills so that they are equipped to conduct a UCMAS class effectively.

The success of UCMAS can be greatly attributed to the training method which ensures the higher quality and skills of our faculties.

Training Methodologies


Volunteering /Class observation

At UCMAS we require our course instructors (CIs) to volunteer for minimum 4 classes, so that they can observe and experience a typical UCMAS class, and understand the expectations of the job. This prepares them to absorb the technical training, which is offered later at the HO.


Technical Training

There are 8 levels in the UCMAS program and the CI has to be trained for each level gradually. The technical training for level 1 & 2 involves 12 to 15 hours each divided into two days. A gap of 2 to 3 months is required between each level training to ensure that the CI has had hands on experience for the level trained. At the end of each level training, the CI is expected to complete a level assessment where she is tested on her technical skills.


On Job Training

Once the CI has acquired the technical and classroom management skills she is supported and guided in the actual class by the center representative or the HO technical personnel. During this training, the CI is assisted with the tips to manage a practical scenario of a UCMAS class.


Coaching and Mentoring

CIs are throughout monitored and mentored at the center by the center mentor or the technical head with tips to improve in various areas of management and teaching.


Annual Conferences

At UCMAS we organize an annual conference where the entire team of UCMAS: HO, Franchises & CI get-together and discuss about the company, its growth and development strategies.


Grading and Testing

CIs are tested on their technical skills and are required to appear and pass the International Grading Exam (IGE) an international standardised testing system which is set by the international headquarters in Malaysia and (Global Abacus Mental Arithmetic Association (GAMAA)



Workshops are organized by the HO for trained CIs to refresh and update the techniques. These workshops open a forum for CIs to discuss their issues and seek solutions for the same. We have case studies of different seniors and tips to handle these situations. Role playing is a common and effective way to understand the concerns faced on the job. This brings confidence in the team players and gives them an idea to deal with the day to day challenges of the job.