"My son had a dramatic turnaround in his academic achievements at school; his grades in Grade 7 jumped from B/B+ to A/A+. Not only this, he (also) showed excellent learning capabilities by the way he picked up the guitar and tennis."
P. Saravanan, GTA, Ontario

UCMAS Boca Raton Florida – Grand Opening



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Combating Summer Slides

Every year with the approach of summer comes along a break from school, studies and activities. It’s during this period of time that children experience some amount of learning loss when they do not engage in any activities. This is what is commonly known as ‘Summer Slide’.

Keeping children engaged into activities gives them opportunities to learn various new things and helps in the development of their brain, potential, aptitudes and self-confidence. As a parent, you can try these below listed innovative activities, which can help improve your children’s skills and develop new ones during the summer & beyond.

Story-telling Sessions

Stories always amuse children. You can organize story-telling or poetry recitation sessions, wherein kids are encouraged to read their favorite stories or poetries in front of a gathering of family and friends. This will sharpen their reading skills, eliminate public-speaking fear and increase their confidence.

Community Drives

Encourage your children to actively participate in socially beneficial community activities. One can begin with plantation drives and make children aware of importance of trees. Children can plant saplings in neighborhood and spread environmental awareness by making posters and placards.

Kids Kitchen

Every child loves to eat! But it will be all the more fun if they actually cook and bake themselves. Cooking can teach your children crucial math skills when working with serving sizes for recipes. A small gathering of their friends can be organized where they can cook & eat together, and have a gala time.

Musical evening

If your child loves music, then what better than having a musical evening with live performance! Make a music band of your children & their friends with a rocking name and a special evening concert in the backyard can be planned with family & neighbors as the audience.

Competitive Sports & Games

Backyard is a great place for children to enjoy outdoor sports and games. Parents can organize mini tournaments that can involve their children playing competitive foosball, mini-golf, soccer, frisbee and many others with their friends to win trophies.

Other Recreational Activities

Taking a trip to the nearby museum to learn about history, visiting a nearby zoo or aquarium to learn about animal biology can keep your child engaged. Summer time is also full of recreation opportunities like art & craft lessons, swimming, hiking, learning a new language, horseback riding, learning chess, a new musical instrument or a dance form.

Give your child the opportunity of learning more this summer. Early exposure to various activities will give your child a boost in different learning horizons and brain development.


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Visit us at ‘International Franchise Expo’ – New York (June 15-17)

We are participating in the globally renowned ‘International Franchise Expo 2017’. The Expo will give an opportunity to potential entrepreneurs to visit us and know more about UCMAS franchise business.

For further information related to Expo, please call: 1-877-UCMAS-90 or email: nitin@ucmas-usa.com


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Information Session – Canton Michigan

To watch young UCMAS children perform and demonstrate their mental math skills
in front of a live audience

To know more about this extremely effective Whole Brain Development and Mental
math program for young kids

To get more details about this global company,

Please attend the info session :

Date: Friday, August 21st., 2015
Time: 3 pm – 5 pm
Venue: Canton Public Library, Purple Room
1200 S Canton Center Road
Canton MI 48188

Conducted By : UCMAS Canton Michigan


To register for this live info session, please call or contact :

UCMAS Canton-Michigan – (734) 516 4735  or email at: cantonmi@ucmas-usa.com


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UCMAS now open in Peoria, IL

UCMAS is proud to announce the starting of its first few batches in Peoria, IL. More batches starting soon. Limited space left. Please call 309-692-8888 to get more details or for registering your child in the program.


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"Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to answer all questions." - William Allin